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Something you hear a lot when it comes to growing your YouTube audience is the importance of cross-promotion! If you want to create a community around your content, it’s important your channel strategy incorporates a strong presence on a number of social media platforms – and that your viewers know how to reach you on each of them! This brings us to this week’s BBTV Tip: Link to your social media – everyone likes easy navigation! 

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For years now we’ve seen online video – and YouTube in particular – take an increasingly important role in the worlds of marketing and brand awareness. There’s more shiny gadgets around, more distractions, and when it comes down to it there are just more places for our eyes to go instead of where the traditional ads are – and more and more, the eyes are going to YouTube. We’ve written plenty about why placing your ad dollars into YouTube Marketing and on the stars of online video is a lucrative move, but for those of you who prefer a more new-aged approach, here it is:

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If there’s one concept that the digital age has provoked and confounded more than any other, it’s got to be intellectual property. This is the world we live in today: America’s trying to strong-arm India into respecting their patents, cable companies know exactly which movies you’re pirating (and will hunt you), this company’s suing that company for selling a similar product, and anybody who’s anybody is “harping” on everybody else for having “bit their style”. Indeed, its getting pretty confusing to follow who owns what and whether they have a right to compensation.