2MGoverCsquared is bringing gaming to a new level! Ally doesn’t just want to show off her super sick skills, she wants to bring the fun back to gaming! So instead of being uber competitive, 2MGoverCsquared wants viewers to have a hilariously fun time on her channel! And don’t be surprised if she throws in some science knowledge, she did name her channel after the radius of a Super Massive Black Hole! Find out more about 2MGoverCsquared in this creator Q&A!


Happy Canada Day everyone! And what better way to celebrate our Canadian pride than with another #BBTVfam! This week we’re highlighting a mix of videos from BBTV Creators that come to us from all corners of our network! We’ve got fresh uploads focusing on everything from vlogs, comedy, cats, beauty, gaming and much more! If you missed last week’s uploads make sure to check them out here.